Sunday, June 5, 2011

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by Toni Boyko

OJO's Newest Contributer

Hello Readers! I promise you that my mother is not gone forever, and I will try to fill her shoes as best I can with this splendid opportunity she has bestowed upon me. I have decided to start off with a short introduction about myself in hopes that you will feel well acquainted with me and better understand my passions.

I am a college student, 21 years to be exact (Finally!!! is what most say; yes including myself). I attend the University of Tampa, not University of South Florida, as most assume, but University of Tampa, which is located in downtown Tampa, and whose mascot is the Spartans. I am approaching my senior year, and not ashamed to admit that I wish I was going back to my freshman year. College has gone by way too fast!

I am majoring in biology, with a concentration in environmental science which is why my mother has so obligingly given me the opportunity to write for her blog. What I actually want to do after I graduate, you would think I should know by now, since I am almost a senior. However, still, I have no idea! It scares me on a daily basis. However, I have a good GPA and good references so I have no doubt that a good job awaits me after I graduate.

As far as what I wish to write about, (I am sure you have been wondering) I have decided to begin by telling you about my journey these past few months and onward on becoming a vegetarian. A few months ago, I decided to finally make the transition. Meat always having been the staple of my diet, I never thought I could do it. After having watched a close friend succeed for nearly a year with the task, I thought I should have no problem. Then being told I would fail by several of my friends, I had to try it. I pledged to be vegetarian for one month, and if it were too difficult I would return to my meat eating diet.

After one month passed, not an ounce of meat had passed between my lips, although I did have several scares, including bacon, and pepperoni, which I temporarily forgot were meat. At the one month mark--my birthday no less--I decided to allow myself some chicken. Upon eating I felt so horrible I could not finish my meal and my friends thought I was crazy (except my other vegetarian friend who said “Told you that you’d feel bad”). So here I am, three months later, and still a vegetarian, despite maybe two bites of chicken on my birthday.

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I have decided to begin this as a learning opportunity to educate others as well as myself on how to live a healthy vegetarian lifestyle. Please leave your comments here and at our fan page on Facebook! I am an extreme extrovert and I love to communicate with others in any form or fashion. You can also watch for my Tweets, as I begin to learn my way around Twitter. That should be an experience in itself. Hope to see you there.

P.S. Although my Mom is busy over at All Things Dog Blog, I can assure you they are not attempting a vegetarian diet--LOL. 

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