Friday, July 16, 2010

Move to Bamboo for All-Natural, Sustainable Linens

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Given the serious concerns over toxins in conventional cotton, cotton producers are scrambling to get more organic cotton on the market. Their timing is bad, though. With the economy in the toilet, many buyers are not ready, just now, to spend the extra bucks for organic cotton. It's simply too expensive.

Cotton, being a difficult crop to grow organically, is a very costly way to go, when looking for all-natural sleeping digs. Yet, knowing that cotton retains the pesticides that are sprayed on it during growth, it makes me squeamish just to think about sleeping on it. What are the options?

Your best way to go is bamboo. It is generally less costly, more Eco-friendly, and because of it's naturally easy-to-grow, drought and pest resistant nature, it is cheaper to produce.

Even non-organic Bamboo is less toxic, because it requires little or no chemicals to produce. What's more, Bamboo has anti-microbial properties, an added benefit when you're spending so many hours hunkering down on it. Just one caveat: 

If you decide to go this route, keep in mind to consider the brands that are made with all-natural colors, rather than petroleum based dyes. As long as you're looking out for your long term health, you might as well go that extra mile. You can also read a bit more about pesticides in cotton over at New Kid on the Green Block. Enjoy the journey!
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