Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Worst of the Worst--the Produce You MUST Buy Organic

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Image from OCA website

Some produce is more susceptible to pesticides and other toxins. Root vegetables are particularly at risk because of runoff waters and the toxins collected in soil that do not dissipate. Then there are the treeborn fruits that seem to catch all the sprays that travel with the wind.

Dutiful organic farmers are careful about spraying even the safest of horticultural oils in any wind. They often use biodegradable products in their own homes to assure no toxic run off from their home water use. Unfortunately, we don't all eat 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Some try, but few succeed. Many desirable varieties are not available. I'm a huge fan of melons, but rarely find them in organic form. Since few cantelope and honeydew are grown in Florida, organic melons are extremely hard to find. And then there are the watermelon. These heavy, expensive melons just balloon in price when grown organically, and are almost never found in my markets in organic form. Tisk!

I eat what I can find that is toxin free and hope for the best in terms of variety. Here's a bit of info to help you understand those fruits and vegetables that are known to have the largest pesticide residues. Print this out; take it with you to the market. Live by it for your family's sake: Organic Consumers Association
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