Monday, May 3, 2010

Simply Healthy, Simply Quick, Simply Low Cal: Two Weeks in My Kitchen

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Boy, did I labor over this title. I'm back to the rule #1 thing--no diet guru stuff for me. This is simply a labor of love. I'm sharing my favorite quick and simple meals that are also friendly to our waistlines. After that, I'm back to my regular gig. Deal?

Before I lay out my top 14 dinners, I have one point to make; you may think it a bit silly, but it's important to me. I have offered my top favorite family meals, along with my most common vegetable accompaniments. What I am leaving out is the fruit that often graces our meals. Sticking to organic fruit is a little tougher than vegetables, so I often need to take what I can get. The point is, I generally slice up a bowl of fruit, berries or fruit salad--a mixture--as our dessert wanna-be.

Here's the top two weeks of organic menu favorites at our house; links will take you to recipes:
I suppose you'll notice the lack of red meat.  We're trying to avoid it, although it creeps in occasionally in the form of tacos, garlic-infused hamburgers, filet mignon, a rare pot roast or  marinated kabobs. There's also an occasional pork loin roast or center cut pork chops for variety. We're definitely omnivores.

Out of 14 meals, two are fish, one includes an option for beef, three are vegetarian, 8 include rice or pasta, and 8 include chicken. All are heavy on the vegetables, except 'sandwich night'. Not a bad balance for low-fat, low-carb, high veggies in our heart-healthy meal choices.

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