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ADHD Linked to Exposure to Pesticides: Will this Drive a Move to Organic Food Production?

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A study just released in the Journal of Pediatrics found increased levels of pesticides in the urine of children in an ADHD study. In addition, the study determined that a greater risk of ADHD is evident when pesticides are present in the child's body. This study will most certainly churn up some anger in parents and hopefully encourage more use of natural fertilizers and pest control. It's safer for our pets and us.

Anyone who has ever read The Hundred Year Lie will not be surprised. Randall Fitzgerald explains the history of our food system and its woes so graphically, you may not want to eat again. Yet, there are things you can do to minimize your risk, such as selectively choosing the produce you buy ORGANIC. More on this in my next post. Meanwhile, buy the book. Devour it. Read on...

The hazards of synthetic pesticides have long been known, yet ignored by the big agriculture companies. Today's Internet reports on this topic give credibility to the concern. Here are links to  just a few of the major news sites with their reports on this study:

The Daily Green
Los Angeles Times
NBC Today Show
The Atlantic

Okay, I think you get the idea now. This is major news for the health of the children in our country. Conventionally produced fruits and vegetables are laden with pesticides, and organically produced veggies are more expensive due to the extra labor and guidelines they must endure. This means that most families cannot afford to eat organically-grown produce.

Many people I talk with hear the occasional concern about whether organic is really organic, and they can't lose that thought. Sure; there are going to be some organic farmers whose slips don't get inspected and who will get away with it. This is nothing new; it happens in every  industry.

As for me and my family, I'll take that small chance that one apple I eat may have slipped through the cracks, and hope that the rest got the clean, green treatment and are pesticide-free. 

When I garden at home, I see the effort it takes to hand-remove pests and stir compost into the soil for enhancement. I also taste the difference, and know the health benefits are there for me. It's worth it. My family is worth it. Please read The Hundred Year Lie for your family:

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