Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Rare Moment of Wavering on my Rules...

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Healthier than Plain Bread
As I prepared the ingredients for my grilled chicken salad and bruschetta dinner, I flipped on the TV to check the news. It was earlier than usual.  'Judge Somebody' and  a few talk shows were still clogging the airways. While I washed and chopped veggies I listened, half heartedly, to some diet guru chattering away about balancing our fats and carbs with our proteins and veggies.

Suddenly my ears pricked. "What had she just said about the 'diet of the month'? She continued, talking about the error of our ways in trying to stay thin as a measure of health, and worse yet, trying to do it with fad diets.

Suddenly I lost concentration and thought of my blog. I had always promised myself that I would not, could not and may not become a diet blog--not a weight loss guru. I have no experience with this issue, other than to say that I have (don't hate me for this) never been overweight.

As a child, I was teased with the S word on a daily basis. At least now, it comes out more like slender and less like skinny, in reality, as well.  But really, what do I know about losing weight? Hmmm...a sudden burst of inspiration, a never before realization hit me. By nature of the very fact that I have never had a weight problem, perhaps I am naturally, if not accidentally, eating in a way that encourages....what? What does it encourage?

I turned up the volume on the TV. The diet guru (what was her name again? I missed it!) was now giving examples of how to eat healthier, without taking hours to prepare meals each day. That REALLY got my attention. One of my big three priorities in cooking is related to time and being able to spend it with whomever I am eating with, rather than the pots and pans.

I grabbed a piece of paper, found it had some nonsense printout on it, and turned it over. Before long I had listed two weeks worth of my favorite quick-fix meals that are the staples of our diet.  I reviewed the list, considering the diet guru's comments. Suddenly I realized that we eat much like she suggested. Perhaps, since 90%+ of what I cook is organic, you could even say we eat healthier than her plan recommended. Not bad.

I patted myself on the back and realized there was a post in this episode. I always thought my activity level was the primary reason for my, well, lack of excess. Even as a child, when Skinny, was part of my daily diet of nicknames, I was extremely active. Today, I spend a good deal of time in water activities and dog activities. Merely the walking of three dogs turns out to be a good workout, but I often bike with them as well.

I'll revisit this food topic in my next post with my 14-day menu listing and some of the diet guru's comments. We'll compare her tips to my implementation. Maybe, just maybe, I'll remember her name.

What's most important though, I'd like to share with you a typical two week menu plan from my kitchen, with some of the recipes to come. If that interests you, come back for more. Oh! And Tanner is available for walking--anytime! 

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