Thursday, April 8, 2010

OJO's Favorite Organic Picks: Canned or Bottled Soups and Sauces

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Basic Staples for Much of My Cooking
Much of my day to day cooking involves marinades, simmering in liquids, or braising--also requiring liquid. A quick perusal of my pantry and I'm presenting the top 7:
  1. Pacific Organic broths (packaged in juice box type containers)--don't miss their coupons!
  2. Imagine Organic canned soups
  3. Health Valley organic canned soups
  4. Drew's all-natural and organic salad dressings
  5. Lakewood Organic Lemon Juice
  6. Green Mountain Gringo Salsa: Try their organic corn chips too--excellent!
  7. Walnut Acres Pasta Sauce, Garlic-Garlic flavored
My family's favorite marinade for kabobs is a combination of Italian salad dressing and red or white wine, depending on the meat. The more garlic, the merrier!

Broths are great for cooking rice or other grains to add flavor, as well as extending a soup recipe and adding to stews.

Chops and chicken breasts are easy and tender when browned quickly, and then simmered in a can of soup till done. Muy bueno!

Homemade organic Lemonade is nearly always in stock in my fridge. I've tried others, and fresh is always best, of course. But when you run out of fresh lemons, it's nice to have a backup. Some of the bottled lemon juices have too much lemon oil in them, making for a tangy taste of rind that I don't find palatable. Lakewood's flavor is more true to fresh. Try my lemonade recipe here. Hint: It's at the end of the post.

I've saved the best for last. Pasta sauce is again, something I'm very picky about. While I generally make my own from a recipe once found in a novel, the Walnut Acres Garlic-Garlic is a great substitute when dinner needs to be ready in a jiffy. I also use it for pizza sauce to give this homemade Italian specialty a little garlic addition--fabuloso!

Does this have your mouth watering for a homemade pizza? Try our quick and tasty favorite pizza here

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