Monday, March 22, 2010

Meat Minimization: A Compromise for Omnivores and the Environment

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(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2010
Braised Pork Chop Dinner
to be Shared with Hubby
Now that my husband and I are mostly empty-nesters, I find that dinner for two is often dinner for one. By that I mean that we have begun to watch our health and our waistlines by implementing the fine art of sharing meals. Are we crazy?

Tell me; do you think the plate above appears to have a large meal on it? It clearly is more than I needed for dinner tonight. By splitting each serving, it still looks like a plentiful dinner to me. Look below, and see if you think so too:
(c) photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2010
One half for each of us...
I have not yet done the dishes from this meal. I'm stuffed. How can I complain that half a pork chop was not enough? Certainly I did a good job in the vegetable category: broccoli, carrots, celery, mashed potatoes, and there are veggies in the chicken and rice soup I braised the chops in--onions and celery. 

Simple dinner; simple concept. Fewer calories + less meat=more room for veggies. I particularly like that I can build in more variety to each meal. Instead of serving one veggie, I've got 4 in this dinner. 

I have been applying this concept to our home-cooked meals for a while now. Surprisingly, we're able to do it when we dine out as well. We simply order one dinner and ask for a second plate. It's our solution to the over-sized portions that restaurants are serving these days.  What's more, we're reducing our meat intake, while increasing our vegetables. That's always a good thing.

No, we're not yet vegetarians. But who knows what the future will bring. 

Have you read this book by Michael Pollan? The Omnivore's Dilemma is a fascinating education about our industrialized food chain. Scary sometimes, but nevertheless very informational. If you're one who likes to know where your food really comes from, I highly recommend it. Thanks, Lauren, for providing my copy.


Brent said...

looks like you're leaving more meat for me!

Carrie J. Boyko said...

Absolutely; I'll be happy to share. I'm trying to heed Richard's wisdom, as well as what I have learned about the Eco-unfriendliness or 4 legged meat.

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