Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WANTED: Vegan-Vegetarian Writer for Bi-Monthly Articles

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logosMaybe "writer" is the wrong word to use here. What I'm really looking for is a vegan/vegetarian who would like to share his or her favorite choices in typical markets around the country. Whether you want to write your own material, or share it with me in an interview, is up to you.

Are you someone who loves to give an opinion and wants to share your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle? This may be your chance to pass along some of your wisdom to those of us who are open to your style of eating and living. You would have the opportunity to share the reasons for your food choices and educate the public beyond the misconceptions that may often cause you angst.

Have you dreamed of writing about your vegetarian lifestyle, but need help to follow through? Perhaps a few trial posts on a blog like mine will be an opportunity to see if you really could find enjoyment in this work.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, OR, if you would simply like to tell me about your favorite Tofu brands, cheese substitutes, alternative milk products, meat substitutes, lifestyle choices, and more, then I would like to talk to you. Drop me an email with "VEGAN/VEGGIE WRITER" in the subject line, to

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