Thursday, January 21, 2010

Make Your Valentine Picnic Basket Healthy

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I'm planning a little canoe adventure down the river with hubby this Valentine's Day. This time of year the Manatees come inland to the many springs in our area, seeking warmer water. A picnic basket with a light lunch is part of the canoe's payload. Isn't the photo above tantalizing? 

No; it's not my lunch plan. But the packaging is wonderful. No throw-away wrappers to end up blowing into the river. Bento Boxes, as these are called, come with their own smaller portion-sized containers to allow you to pack a healthier lunch. Some include reusable, plastic utensils and a cloth napkin, to assure that there is no trash. There are also insulated bags to carry them in, complete with freezer packs to keep cool items chilled. Great idea; wish I had thought of it first.

My version of the Bento Box came from Target, but is a similar concept. You can see it in the picture below that depicts the small compartments. Its plastic utensils fit snugly into the top to keep you from losing them. Cool design!

My Valentine's Day canoe trip plan is detailed on New Kid on the Green Block. Stop in and find out what I'm doing to make Valentine's day greener and healthier. 

This post is simply to share my lunch plan. Hmmm? Three compartments to fill our tummies. How does this sound?:

Picnic Lunch for Two
Do We Need Dessert?

  1. Proscuitto and provolone rolls
  2. Dried mango and cherries
  3. Baked pita chips

A hard day of canoeing, playing Frisbee, and walking the dogs deserves a dessert. I'll have to sneak in an extra package of something to tame our collective sweet tooth--maybe his favorite organic cookies? The recipe is at this link, if you're interested. Just be sure to add a cup or so of chopped walnuts. That's what makes them special to my hubby.

Want a Bento Box? You can have one on its way in just a few clicks, right here:

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