Thursday, October 15, 2009

Organic Chow and Camping: A Guide to Staying Your Course

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Lunch and a Gin Rummy Game
Both Work Well in an RV

Going into this camping trip, I knew there was little possibility of staying on organic foods 24/7. That's okay, though, because that really is not my goal. I'm happy to eat 2 out of 3 meals organic at home, but realize that on the road is a very different matter. Not knowing where healthy food stores are when traveling in unfamiliar areas means it would be much more time consuming to try to shop along the way.

Our trip was only 5 days--a road test for the dogs and an RV in unison. Five days is fairly easy to plan ahead for without having to shop during a trip. We knew there would be meals out, and these are fine. I simply tried (I say that loosely) to eat relatively healthy. Again, I'm not a purist.

Enough of that, here's the grub we packed for the trip, which is representative of an all-natural and organic diet that is simple and travels well:
  • Travel beverages (in individual travel cups stored in a cooler near the in the driver’s compartment)
    • Organic lemonade(my homemade, organic recipe at the link, and a great oatmeal raisin cookie recipe also)
    • Organic apple juice
    • Water, lots of it
  • Breakfasts:
    • Organic Banana Muffins in freezer can be thawed out 1 or 2 at a time for breakfasts and snacks. (recipe at link)
    • Purely O’s organic cereal with organic milk 
    • Organic eggs for scrambling 
    • Organic shredded cheese for eggs or melting on all-natural tortilla chip 
    • Organic Orange Juice 
    • Choice brand Organic English Breakfast teabags 
    • Coffee bags: Surprise--Just before we left for this trip, Starbucks released their vew Via, instant coffee in individual serving packets which can be stirred into hot or cold milk or water, for coffee or a Latte. Lots of choices with this new product make it a good choice, although it is not organic. If any of you find organic coffee bags, I'd sure like to hear from you. The comment link is always there...waiting for you at the bottom of EVERY post.
  • Snacks on the Road: 

  • Lunches:
    • All natural turkey and swiss cheese on rye or wheat bread
    • All All natural corn chips and salsa
    • Organic apples and bananas
    • Organic carrots
    • Freshly brewed organic iced tea
    • Leftover chicken and rice from home

  • Dinners:
    • Pasta dish (leftover from home)
    • Turkey and swiss sandwiches
    • Large Garden salads: Organic Romaine lettuce laden with onions, tomatoes, shredded cheese, shredded carrots and organic vinaigrette dressing
    • Organic apples and bananas
In the interest of full disclosure, we also enjoyed a few meals out with each our two sons and a special friend. Like I’ve always said, “I’m not a purist; variety is the spice of life.” While eating organic is part of my life (and cancer preventive) strategies, I choose it when available, but when it is not, I’ll always find something to eat.


Anonymous said...

Hello Carrie,

There is an organic instant coffee in single serve packets available. Please find here -

Carrie J. Boyko said...

Thanks for the tip, Damon. I actually have used Mount Hagen organic instant coffee in some recipes calling for coffee. I'll look into the single serve packets; great idea!

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