Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Making a Greener Halloween Easier: Woofing Wednesday Brings You Ideas

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Oliver and Tanner
 are Ready for Halloween

Halloween is almost here. Moms and Dads are hitting the stores in droves, seeking the perfect costume for each kid, while their closets hold the remnants of past years' costumes that may still be useful.

Trading costumes with other moms works well for many families. Some neighborhood associations organize and facilitate this money-saving, Eco-friendly Halloween activity. It's even fun for the older kids to get involved in helping the younger ones select from available costumes. They can often provide added insight on missing elements that can be created with a dab of creativity.

As for treats, I would enourage you to create your selection with a little less sugar and food coloring. Try including a few stickers, marbles, silly straws and the like in your selection of natural lollipops and other treats that are available at stores like Whole Foods Market.

Check out my post at Happy Green Halloween, where you will find lots of ideas such as these to save you money and still give out a healthier stash.

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