Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sustainable Products for a Growing Market in Recycled Items: Uncommon Goods

Dave's Dinky
Our Woofing Wednesday "Cover Dog"

My gang is all pooped out from the dog park today, so Dinky is here to do the Woofing Wednesday honors. His owner tells me that he is so smart, if he had thumbs, he could drive.

As always, my Woofing Wednesday post is short and sweet and provides you with 2 things:
  • a cute pup photo or two
  • a great website find of mine--one you might enjoy perusing in your free time.
Uncommon Goods is a catalog and a website, replete with recycled and sustainable products. The site covers many product areas such as gifts, personal, home and family, pets, children--tons of interesting products to browse. They have some cute pet and pet themed items, and some great gag gifts, as well.

The best thing about the site is that everything is made from something that had a former life; it's all recycled or repurposed or reused in some way. Zipper pulls form a clever looking bracelet and recycled glass makes many beautiful items. Enjoy shopping and remember, while you're there, the holidays are coming. Take notes. This could be a good one stop shop.

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