Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Benefits of Having a Dog

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Brent and Bernie
Brent Shares Affection and Stress Relief with Bernie

You've all heard the research so I won't bore you with it. My Wednesday post is sadly lacking in Woofing Wednesday personality, so I'm sneaking in this photo and a reminder. Adopting a dog is good for everyone. No kill shelters are falling by the wayside with government cuts. One nearby shelter just came close to shutting down and the hysteria was unimaginable. The rescue groups came to the aid and hopefully things are getting back on track.

The fact is dogs are good for your heart and your stress level. If you have love to give, think about sharing your home with a furry friend. He will return your affection in many multiples over the coming years.

On another note, I've had a bit of interest from cancer patients in finding online discussion forums. For those of you who seek a support group online, discussion forums for cancer patients and survivors is thought to be highly therapeutic. Here's one I found through Twitter that appears to be quite brisk with ideas on alternative medicine, while combined with traditional medicine: Surviving Cancer.

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