Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Save Water. Shower with a Friend.

© photo copyright 2009 Carrie Boyko

Oliver and Toni

Dry Off After a Warm Shower

I've talked to more than one dog owner who has found that their canine best friends enjoy showering with them. Most say it began when the pup curiously poked his head behind the shower curtain to find out what his owner was up to in there.

"Hmmm? What's that drippy stuff? It feels like rain. I like rain. Hey, this is fun! Can I come in?"

You get the picture. Tanner has showered with Toni before, and today it was Oliver's turn to test the waters. He did well, and now they're both squeaky clean and adorable in their pink towels.

Has your dog enjoyed a shower? Try it sometime and let me know how it goes. No photos on this one, okay?!

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