Friday, August 14, 2009

Sail into a Green Vacation

Imagine 10 days of traveling from island to island, throughout the British Virgin Islands. Sound like a nice vacation? You bet!

My husband and daughter tested out this relatively green vacation, and their reports were positive. No gasoline used while under sail, the "head" (aka toilet) is emptied into sanitary receptacles while in port, and only a small amount of propane was used to cook with. Most meals were enjoyed ashore or eaten without cooking.

The water in the BVI was clean and clear, providing the feeling of swimming in a clean pool. The ship's captain provided exceptional service, even while steering from aside a cooler full of beer. I hope it was organic.

The Magpie Bridge returned to port with four happy travelers who are sure to talk about their journey for years to come. While reunited with these friends of ours recently, they all spoke adoringly of the yacht that served as home for their voyage. Many laughs were shared; among them a few green lifestyle changes peeked out from behind the giggles and stories. It made my heart proud to hear those Eco thoughts become a natural part of the tales that were told, as if there were no effort to be conscious of the environment. That's the way it should be, although most of us would agree it generally takes effort.

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