Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Vacation Time for Me...

August at my house this year is hopping. I have all three kids home with special friends and lots of plans for bonding time. I guess a vacation is in order. I've written this blog faithfully for 13 months now, without a break. Do you think I've earned it?

I'll squeeze in a bit of family fun, green recreation, organic cooking, and physical fitness to stay busy. Hopefully some time off will provide inspiration and wisdom for future posts and angles on this journey.

In order to know when I'm posting again, your best strategy is to sign up for a free subscription in the upper right corner of the blog. You'll receive only a confirmation email (be sure to confirm), until I begin posting again very soon. Then, my posts will come right to your email. How easy is that?!!

Meanwhile, you can check out Organic Journey Online on its very own Facebook site, where I'm sure I'll be adding little blips of what's going on while I take a much needed respite. If you prefer Twitter, catch up with me at

Oh, and don't worry. I won't be gone that long. There are no airline trips to foreign countries or cross country drives in the works. Just some good old fashioned outdoor recreation.

Finally, during my vacation, you can catch up on your reading by visiting my archives in the sidebar. You can go all the way back to post #1 and check out anything you may have missed along the way. I hope you get a chance to enjoy this catch up time too. See ya soon!

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