Monday, August 10, 2009

First Alert Xena, My Weather Prediction Dog, Strikes Again

Clear Weather for the Morning Walk

Welcome back to Woofing Wednesday, where I share a bit of puppy shenanigans, along with my latest website discoveries--more to the point in terms of green, organic and sustainable.
I kid you not, my nearly 13 year old Retriever mix, Xena (black, far left in photo), is better than any weather service. Shortly after a stunningly clear morning walk, she joined me, as she does when a storm is coming, under my desk. That's her safe place until the storm arrives.
When the rain and its attendant provacateurs--thunder and lightening--arrive, well then she needs a family intervention--crate time. She can hunker down till the thunder and lightening pass. When she is in a safe, dark crate, she can calm herself and await sunshine. That's the way it goes here in Florida; its rains hard and fast, and then we get sun again. Rarely do we have long, all day rains.
Today's storm prediction from Xena was right on target. She knew it was coming a half hour before the sun hid behind the clouds, or any wind began to clue us in. Go figure! Now, after a 10 minute shower the sun is out again and she is beginning to calm herself. The Weather Alert radio never went off, so I guess this one isn't too serious. But then, who needs a Weather Alert radio when I have Xena?
Moving along now, I can hardly wait to share this cool website discovery for today. How Can I Recycle This? is a site based in England, where each post takes a random object of "rubbish" and answers the question--you guessed it--How Can I Recycle This? I love it!
One cute example is what to do with popped water balloons, assumably after a children's party. They recommended snipping off the knot and open end, and reusing the rest as rubber bands. Depending on the size, you could cut them into several from a larger balloon. Sure enough, it works.
Another article was more familiar to me--watermelon rinds. Did you know they are wonderful when pickled? My mom used to make these when I was a child, and they are fabulous. Come to think of it, this would be a good thing to do after a Labor Day Cookout. Note to self: add watermelon to my Labor Day menu. One less thing in the compost bin!
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