Monday, August 24, 2009

Creating a Waste-Free School Lunch

Laptop Lunch Photo

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Bento Boxes have gone mainstream and this version is all-American. Each of these cute little containers seals shut, so you can pack up four tasty yummies for your kids' lunches. There's room for utensils and a napkin. No more buying bags, ziplocks or wrappers that end up in the landfill. The whole thing comes home for a bath, and goes back to school with another assortment of healthy lunch foods inside.

I have to admit, I have used this photo before. I don't generally repeat photos, but Laptop Lunches is not your usual site. They've provided code for us bloggers that allows us to plug in this cute photo, and each week the food changes. It's the coolest thing I've seen in my time in the blogseat.

Even though I don't have kids at home any longer, I had to go out and get a lunch container similar to this, after being sold by the great photos. I'll challenge you to come back again in 7 or 8 days. You'll see. The food will be different and you'll have another reason to want a Bento Box. I'll make it easy for you. You can click the Bento Box under this line and buy yourself one right now. Happy lunching!

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