Sunday, August 9, 2009

100 Ways to Save the Environment

Colorful and light, this quick one-pager on saving the environment will most certainly give you an idea or two that you can employ on a Saturday in a few short minutes. I enjoyed reading number 57 and remembered that I hadn't shared with you my big find. Starbucks, my own personal vice, has finally made a replica of their plastic, iced drink cups, in a reusable version. It comes complete with the green straw, and a leak-free, screw on lid. Now my lattes are much greener. Isn't it adorable?

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko 2009
My Latte in a Reusable Cup
Fewer Recyclables=Better for the Environment
I had a tough time getting one, though. The first shipment was scarfed up by the Starbucks employees. Months later, after many requests, I received the last one in the shipment. There have yet to be any placed on the shelves for sale. Lucky me!
Whatever your own morning battery charger is, I hope you'll consider using a reusable cup. That's 365 fewer cups in the landfills or recycle facilities each year, for each person. Do the math. That's like...whoa!

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