Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Staying in Shape with the Pups: Teamwork

Most days at my house start with a brisk walk or bike ride around our neighborhood--about 2 miles. If I bike the dogs separately, it's 4 miles for me. This wears the boys out and I'm energized for some writing time while they nap. Besides that, this exercise is good for helping me stay healthy and relatively in shape. I say that loosely, of course.

If you're interested in trying biking with your dog, I've just done a post on this topic at my All Things Dog Blog. Check it out at All Things Dog Blog: Biking with Your Dog.

Recently, while working on my blogs, I came across an adorable website, just perfect for you dog lovers. This Yorkie will perform most dog commands. Just type your command in the box and he'll do it. Take a few minutes to play with this at I Do Dog Tricks. You'll be glad you did. A good laugh is great for the soul.

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

Oliver and Tanner Enjoy their Pool Time

After a good nap, the pups enjoy some pool time and a fetch game for Tanner. Oliver would probably call this something more like "Chase Tanner Around the Pool" time. Either way, they enjoy themselves and get another workout that's cooler.

I wish you all the happiness that owning 3 dogs has brought to me. Despite the effort involved, they're always worth it, and they do help me keep active. Happy tails!

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