Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Breathing Earth: An Amazing Simulation

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Tanner and I Stumble Upon
Fun Stuff When We Hike Together

Tanner and I sometimes take exploring types of walks, where I give him a bit more input into where we go. On these walks, since I'm giving him more of the leadership role, I use a backpack on him to assure he gets plenty of physical exercise, and knows I am the boss. He seems to feel very important knowing he has two jobs: (1) Choose the direction of our walk, and (2) Carry our water. We stumble upon all sorts of fun things when we walk outside of our neighborhood.

Just thinking about this reminds me of a site I wanted to tell you about. Perfect for my Woofing Wednesday post:

Sometimes when I'm simply Stumbling around the Internet, I find the most interesting places. The Breathing Earth is a fascinating simulation of real time CO2 emissions by country, with birth and death rates by country, as well. You simply point to a country you're interested in and all the facts appear. It's a great place to learn how the population and its treatment of the environment are working together at any given time. And if you're planning a trip somewhere, you can check out the carbon emissions for that location.

That got me to thinking about carbon, so I poked around a bit more and found CO2 Science, where you can answer all your questions about carbon and the environment. This site addresses all the controversy about climate change in many different ways. With the many views on this subject, you can't read enough. I'm still not sure which side to believe, despite the fact that I try to live a life that doesn't contribute too much to climate change. At least I try. I'll admit I'm no Ed Begley, Jr., but a lighter shade of green. Baby steps!

In honor of Woofing Wednesday, I'd also like to send you to Ecodater, where I have a guest post for green singles on a doggie date. Got pups? I've got your date. Go check it out. Have some fun with the dogs and your date.

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