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Alkaline vs. Acid: Your Diet Choices and their Reasons

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My Favorie Alkaline Fruits and Veggies

You may have read in my profile in the sidebar that I am a cancer survivor. It wasn't just a tumor; it had spread to my lymph nodes and there was concern of further spreading. That experience taught me a lot that I never would have expected. I tried things that I always believed were voodoo and here I am writing about organic foods and the like. If you had told me 2 years ago that this would be in my future, I'd have laughed in your face. The point is, we don't know what we don't know. That lesson is embedded further in my brain each day.

Early after my diagnosis, I received a book from a friend, explaining the benefits of acid vs. alkaline foods in cancer. I began to research this premise, learning that cancer cells grow much more rapidly in an acid environment. Evaluating my diet, I soon learned that I had created the perfect place for cancer to grow. Boy, howdy, did I make some changes.

That's not to say that I didn't have my doubts. I did. I talked to many alternative medicine specialists and they referred me to cancer survivors who never took any traditional treatments, yet cured their cancers. One in particular, stands out in my memory. He spent nearly an hour on the phone with me, sharing the names of various alternative clinicians in our area who had helped him.

After learning he had terminal, inoperable cancer from the doctors at the largest hospital in our area, he had turned to alternative medicine for other solutions. Five years later he is walking proof that these measures worked. His MRI scans continue to show no signs of tumors, where there were previously multiple tumors in numerous organs. Clearly, to him, this is a miracle. His life goes on. What's not to believe about that?

My first approach was to begin the switch to more alkaline foods, reducing my sugar and other high acid and acid-creating foods. Litmus test paper is available at Whole Foods Market and this proclaimed the proof that my changes were working, as my PH worked its way slowly higher.

My other major home treatment was to swallow Garlic tablets with Wheat Grass Juice added to numerous daily glasses of carrot and apple juice. This I squeezed fresh from organic carrots and apples. It may sound awful, but surprise! I actually found the flavor to be enjoyable. I still drink the wheat grass juice as a preventative, added to organic apple juice. My results? Two years and no signs of cancer.

The following link, Acid and Alkaline Foods, will allow you to educate yourself on foods that are alkaline vs. foods that are acid. There are tons of other places you can find these lists also, not the least of which is the Internet. My advice? Don't kill yourself trying to completely eliminate acid foods. Being a purist will only cause you to crave those foods that are at the top of your favorites list. You've got to indulge a little to feel fulfilled, even in your diet.

Chef Elaina Love, a raw foods proponent, explains the effects of acid vs. alkaline foods in our systems in this short video. I know it's not exactly mainstream. This whole post may throw some of you off. It's something I've been meaning to share; take it or leave it.

I've been researching alkaline water machines for some time. Most are counter top models that hook up to your faucet. They're quite pricey and not terribly attractive. Not to mention that they take up a lot of space.

Currently I have a Brita water filtering pitcher on my kitchen counter, as well as one in the refrigerator. We dropped the bottled water habit a while back when I learned about the many chemicals emitted from plastic. Now we use BPA free bottles and filtered water. We reserve bottled water for those times when we won't be able to take them home to wash and reuse.

There's another surprise, too. I just found a similar pitcher that creates alkaline filtered water in a pitcher much like my Brita. Granted it is a fair amount more expensive than a Brita pitcher, but certainly not like the other models I had found. This is a real possibility. Another item for my wish list. Is my family reading this? Hope so. My holiday gift list is getting longer!

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