Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Woofing Wednesday Has Gone to the Dogs!

Nah! The dogs are just stepping aside for a minute while I wish my husband of 31 years a Happy Anniversary. At a recent teen event, we took a turn in the photo booth, just like the rest of the teen couples, and these two pix caught my eye. What a hoot to be young again for just a few seconds!

Caught in a kiss

Young Love is Still Here

And We Can Still Laugh at Ourselves!

Two years after we began our organic journey, he hasn't tossed me out yet. My cancer rechecks continue to be positive, and my attitude and energy level are good. No wonder; I have a terrific husband.

The dogs are glad we've gone green, too. Here they are, all dressed in their green bandanas, wishing all of you a continued green life. You can read more about their greener life at All Things Dog Blog. Our goal may not be to live off the grid, but we are succeeding in living a lighter shade of green. It's a start.

Xena, Tanner and Oliver

Enjoying their Organic Journey

Speaking of going to the dogs, I have to share Xena's good news too. More than a year ago she had a diagnosis of liver cancer, and was given a couple of months to live. Without giving up hope, I put her on organic dog food and treats and have been feeding her organic carrots for snacks. According to my reading, carrots have a cleansing effect on the liver, which seemed to me to be a positive thing. She's still as energetic and playful as ever, more than a year after her bad news. No symptoms or problems. I'm simply enjoying her happy days.

So, when Real Age, a website that evaluates your body's actual age in terms of wear and tear, started their Dog Age evaluation...well, I just had to put Xena's stats in and see how she turned up. She is 12-1/2 years old, which puts her at nearly 90 in human years. Her Dog Age score? 48.1! No wonder she still enjoys her wrestling matches with Tanner.

I encourage you to check out Real Age for yourself, and try the Dog Age test for your Fido or Fifi. It's great input, as they give you an analysis that explains what factors go into your positive and negative scoring areas. It's quite useful information, and well worth the time. Try it. Just click the links and you'll be on your way.

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