Friday, June 5, 2009

Wanted: Single, Green-Minded Individual for Eco-Friendly Dates

Reported May 24, 2009, at ONLINE PR NEWS, a green dating website has been launched. Dubbed, their niche is clear from their name. According to the article: offers its members a comprehensive array of tools to
participate in the EcoDater community and find other green, eco-friendly singles easily and efficiently by Online PR NewsEcoDater is an eco-friendly online dating site for green single men and women who care about living a natural, holistic lifestyle. Members include environmentalists, vegans and vegetarians, organic farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, adventure singles, activists and much more.

" is a very open-minded place," says Ryel Kestano, EcoDater founder. "We believe in building a community one person at a time, giving each person the resources to share passions, interests, or musings. We created EcoDater because it represents the best of what we see and experience in this world - community, connectivity, friendship, and a respect for the natural life." provides members with two simple membership package
options. Free EcoDater members can join at no cost and create a profile with a photo, search for other EcoDaters, contact other free EcoDater members, and post EcoPolls to their profile.

Premium EcoDater members can post an unlimited number of photos, access advanced and keyword search functions, contact all other EcoDaters, and enjoy top priority in the search results. Premium EcoDaters also have access to the proprietary EcoMatch feature, an algorithm that matches members based on profile data.

The EcoDater blog is updated frequently and is a great resource for
fresh news in the eco-friendly world, with all content handpicked by in-house staff. EcoDater also maintains a comprehensive links section with links to eco-friendly products, topics, and issues on the web.

EcoDater donates a portion of all membership revenue to charitable
organizations that represent the interests of the eco-friendly community. These include the National Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund, and American Forests.

I have to admit that this concept peaked my interest. Not for a date--I'm already happily hitched--but just to see how they bring it together in a green way. Of course, after a quick look at the homepage, I went straight to their blog to check it out. Was it compelling, innovative or empowering for potential members looking to live more green? Not so much.

It's cool that they give a donation for memberships. But it appears that there's not really any way to confirm a new member's "green-ness". I mean really; can you quantify a person's eco-friendliness, short of giving them a carbon footprint analysis and then confirming that their answers are factual? No! It's just a way to help green-minded singles find each other. And I suppose that is fine--good, actually. I'll give it my seal of approval for creativeness. But I can't tell you their blog will keep you coming back. Maybe their dates will. Let me know if you decide to give it a test drive. Be sure to take the Prius.

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