Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Blog Fights Climate Change!

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

Perhaps you will notice the appearance of this badge in my sidebar. It's just underneath my profile, and is my latest addition. By joining the ranks of 1600 other bloggers, I have helped to purchase 350 pounds of carbon offsets. Yes, 350 pounds just for my little blog! I'm pretty proud of that. One small step...you know.

These offsets help support renewable energy in communities across the U.S., to decrease our national dependence on carbon-emitting "dirty" energy sources like coal burning power plants. Some of these projects are wind power projects, among the cleanest power available.

If you are a blogger, or know a blogger, please pass this link along to them. They can help too. It's our small way of participating in creating a cleaner tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, and for supporting my blog. If you like, you can visit Brighter Planet and measure your own personal carbon footprint. I did it. So can you. Without you, I could not have done this. You just supported climate change too. Atta Boy!

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