Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ready to Make the Switch to Organics? What's First?

From time to time I hear the same refrain: "I'd like to switch to organics, but it is all so expensive." This is true, of course, if you compare item by item. One of the keys is to switch to whole foods at the same time, giving up prepared and packaged foods. Cooking from scratch is something not as many of us do these days. I know; I was one of them for a long time. But if I can reform, so can you. I actually found that cooking became more fun when the creativity was put back into the job. How can Kraft Macaroni and Cheese be an invigorating dinner selection to prepare?

Ours is a society defined by convenience these days, yet convenience brings with it more of the rush hour styled life that we say we would like to give up. Here's your chance!

I'm not suggesting you go cold turkey. It doesn't work for smokers, drinkers or over-eaters, so why would it work for switching to organic foods? I'll give a couple of tips that helped me, and then you can comment or email me (
CarrieLeaJohnson@gmail.com )if you need more help.
  • Start by trying to eat whole foods one meal or menu item at a time, until you get in the habit of it and it isn't an overwhelming production any longer. Then add one item at a time.
  • If you feel your grocery budget cannot possibly make the stretch to include organic produce, meats and dairy....well, I'd pick beef and dairy as my first changes. Why? Because on top of the pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, and even some food colorings added, you also have hormone and antibiotic treatments to top off the toxic load in your meat and dairy purchases. This is where your money will be best spent, IMHO (in my humble opinion).
  • If you need to choose between food and non-food changes (natural soaps, cleaners, lotions, etc), it is tough for me to give advice. I want to leave the Earth a cleaner place, yet I also want to live long enough to see that happen, so this decision is all on you. Go with your gut. On the other hand, if you really simplify your cleaning regimen to vinegar, baking soda, natural vegetable soap and lemon juice, you'll actually save a bundle on your house cleaning, while leaving no toxic residues on surfaces or running it down the drains. That's half the battle on the non-food side.

I hope this little commentary has been helpful. It was tough for me to break it down to the most critical changes. Although I could be wrong, hopefully I have given you a reasonably well-informed Opinion. Just remember that's all it is. The O word.

One last thing that I can offer are some prior posts on strategies for saving money on organics:

Good luck!

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