Sunday, May 24, 2009

Organic Journey Online Presents GREEN DAY NEWS:

That's right! No more will I avoid current events. I won't spend much time hashing them over unless there are new hazards to warn you about, but I've employed a news service to provide a streaming newspaper. This brief news headlining will keep you apprised of the latest in green, Eco, environmental and organic news of the day. The newspaper will appear, at least for now, just under my profile in the sidebar. Go check it out.

For now, I've named my little newspaper the Green Day News. What do you think about that name? Got a better idea? I'm open. I have total creative control here at Organic Journey Online, where my only boss is, well, my wallet.

If you have an idea for my newspaper's name, send me an email or hit the comment button just below this post and send it to me. I'll be sure to give you a proper thank you on the blog, if you offer up the winning name. Entries begin now and I'll pick a winner by June 15, 2009. If there is no offering that I like better than Green Day News, I'll stick with that, and you'll be stuck with it too. I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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