Thursday, April 30, 2009

Organic Gardening Seeds Galore!

Until just now, I did not realize how massive Amazon really is. I did a search just to see if they had organic vegetable seeds and was overwhelmed with a massive list. While I'll admit I don't know what I'm looking for when it comes to seed shopping, I do know variety, and found a nice share of that on Amazon--even some Heirloom varieties popped up. Wow! That sure surprised me. I made a little carousel for you to browse on at the bottom of the post. Let me hear from you if there is something particular you would like, or use the Amazon search box in the sidebar.

As for me, I'll be sticking with container gardening and a few sunflowers. I have not southern exposure that would be an acceptable garden location for my neighbors. That whole bit about needing 10 hours a day of sun is a challenge with all these trees around my yard. Yet I do enjoy the cooling effect of the shade. Tisk!

Depending on your geographic location, it may be too early or too late for some of these. Every zone is different, so be sure to consult an expert like the
Farmers Almanac (that's definitely not me) for your planting and timing. This online version is not quite as complete as the print version, but still can help with weather forecasting and planting dates for your zone. It's a must for every gardener to know the last likely risk of frost for their area. I'm lucky to be able to say that mine is February 28, but friends in the north tell me they have to wait till after May 15 to plant anything outdoors. I can hardly imagine that, given that it will be in the upper 80s here, every day by then. It is a big country.

Recent video posts to assist you with starting a garden have been popular with readers. Here's a couple of links to take you to them, if you missed them and are looking for some tips on getting started.

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