Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Constant Companions Join Me in Spring Allergy Misery

Woe is Me!
The Jasmine is Blooming Again.

A word of warning--today's post is nothing more than an exercise in venting. My allergies are so bad that I need to complain. Maybe I'll share a couple of tips in here, but it's mostly venting. Feel free to get mad and comment below, or vent along with me about your own personal allergy woes.

Why is it that every year when the Jasmine blooms, my nose runs like a faucet? The only thing that seems to stop it is lying down. And of course, this feels great, since a runny nose always makes me sleepy. Go figure! What's the connection between allergies and drowsiness? I just don't get it.

Tanner, Oliver and Xena (on the floor, out of sight) are always nearby if I take an afternoon siesta. It's nice knowing they are there, even if they occasionally snore or whimper from a puppy dream. I'd love to know what they're dreaming about.

After a very cold winter for Central Florida, you'd think the blooming season would be weak. Wrong! There are more flowers on the Jasmine vines in our area than I believe I have ever seen before. My nose could have predicted that, since it is running at a furious pace.

So what helps? I've tried some of the homeopathic remedies, unfortunately without good results. The best things I can do to calm my swollen nasal passages and slow my nose down involve rest and water. Baths, showers, and even time out on the lake seems to help. At least temporarily. I guess moisture weighs down the pollen particles and lessens the density of the pollen in the air. It seems like I heard something to that angle in a weather report on the pollen count.

With that in mind, I considered trying a humidifier, but thought better of it when I remembered what a pain it is to clean all the mold off the bathroom surfaces, as it grows like weeds with excess humidity. If it had been up to me, I would have made mold the State Flower of Florida. Can you guess what the State Bird is? You probably heard this one already--mosquitoes!

Rain really calms things down, but we haven't had any this week, so I'm still waiting for relief. And drinking. The more I drink the less apt I am to get a sinus infection. After 50+ years of allergies, this is the one thing that I have learned will always prevent disaster. Sinus infections drag out for so long and often require antibiotics to clear up. I hate taking them, knowing that each batch means the next time around it may not work. Fortunately, it has been nearly 10 years since I have had a sinus infection.

Stop in tomorrow for a bit of talk about Spring planting. Oh! I just realized that is probably the culprit for my allergy attack. I spent all of last weekend working in the yard, near my neighbor's Jasmine-laden fence. Too late now :-( . Excuse me while I go back to get another glass of water and blow my nose. I'd like to say I'll get back to work after that, but to be honest, I may end up snuggling with the pups again. :-) . Companionship is good therapy!

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