Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Message on Earth Day: Do Something Good for Your Home

Today is Earth Day. All around the world people are honoring our home with sustainable activities that enhance Earth's ability to survive. I planted a tree. Scroll down to my Tuesday post to see it. What will you do?

Spring is a great time to plant a vegetable garden to grow some of your own produce. You can check out the videos at Starting an Organic Garden, to help you get started. Then continue with the following for more information. This video explains how to grow organic potatoes right in your back yard. It sounds really easy because it is.

Thanks to Organic Gardening Magazine for producing that educational video. Let me know if you try it and would like to report your results. I'd love to hear from you.

Gardening is good for your body, mind and spirit. It's great therapy. What have you got to lose? Pick one vegetable and try it. I'd love to hear back from you on how it's going. Comment below any post. Happy Earth Day!

Missing Woofing Wednesday? I've heard from a few of you that my pup photos are enjoyed, but today Earth Day took front and center. If you need a dog "fix" you can visit All Things Dog Blog, where my post for today discusses all natural flea treatments for your dogs, home and yard. Tanner will be there to great you.


GreenLantern said...

Earth Day "hangover"? Miss it already. There’s a lot of doubt surrounding which methods/products are truly sustainable and which are just green washing. Check out our myth-busting video “What’s Your Big Green Lie?!” which gives a taste of the widespread ignorance of green issues including those surrounding hybrid cars and organic foods at

TerryBridie said...

Dear Carrie, It was nice meeting you yesterday. You have some very interesting information. I did notice that you mentioned that you suffered from severe allergies. Have you ever heard of Holistic Options in Lake Mary? If you want to get rid of those allergies I highly recommend you go see Mojka Renaud. She is fabulous. I have known her for over 15 years and every person I have recommended to her has had a life changing experience. On a nother note, there is a great company here in Florida that has over 1,100 organic food products that they deliver straight to your home. The food is awesome. If you want I can give you that information as well. Take care, Terry

Carrie Lea Johnson said...

Hello Terry: Fortunately for me its only the citrus trees, jasmine and gardenias that are really a problem. Their blooming cycle is over in a few weeks and I'll be back to normal. The first week is always the worst.

Good luck with your business venture.

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