Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Healthy Spring and Summer Skin Care is Paraben Free

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Oliver Waits Permission

To Eat His Organic Carrot

That's too big of a carrot for Oliver, right? Of course. Carrots have a lot of natural sugar, so this big carrot will have to go to 60-pound Tanner. I would even hesitate to give this whopper to 45-pound Xena. A her age, I'm not sure that much of a sugar high would be good, although the vitamin A would be great for an immune system boost. Oliver will be happy with a smaller carrot--no problems.

Is everyone out there ready for Easter? You can guess what my guys will be getting for an Easter treat.

I've noticed that in addition to all the candies and baskets appearing in the stores, the personal care aisle suddenly seems to be stocked to the top. I want to caution you to watch for parabens when you make your choices for Spring and Summer skin care. These nasty preservatives have been linked to breast cancer and are still not off the market.

I know it takes time to find replacement for your daily regimen. Start with the products you use most, such as moisturizers, sunscreens and lip gloss.

There are plenty of products out there without parabens; you just need to watch the labels. Need help? Check out this site: Environmental Working Group. Here you will find a ranking of the hazards of 30,000 beauty products and 10,000 ingredients from over 50 international government and university databases. You can search by category or plug in the product you want to check out and see how it stacks up. I hope that this database will help you to get thinking and take action. It's your health. Nobody else is going to watch out for it.

One final note. Earth Day is now only 2 weeks away and it has grown bigger with each passing year. This year, Amazon is supporting Earth Day with big savings, which you can access through this link, right here on Organic Journey Online. They are offering savings on organic groceries, home products, CFLs and more. Each day, I'll be adding more offers to the bottom of my posts, so be sure to stop in for my Extreme Earth Day offers.

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