Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Setting the Example for Younger Children to Live Healthier

Parents Set the Example
for Daily Exercise Right from the Start

P Teaching kids to live green really starts at the very beginning. Mind you, I'm no perfect example. I've learned along the way, but made many mistakes. So don't berate yourself for not being completely Eco-friendly. Just take each day as it comes, and make the most of each one. Despite all the seemingly rampant waste that occurred in my home during the early years of our family, I have one child who is currently an environmental science major at a very reputable university, and is spending the semester working on a sustainable farm. I share that example to help you realize that no matter how many mistakes you make, there is still hope.

If you have young, impressionable children, you have the easiest job ahead of you. Learning by example is something parents do naturally, if they only think about how their children see their actions. Without actually telling your child to save water, for instance, you can show him how to brush his teeth with the water OFF. Walking to nearby errands and composting your kitchen wastes to reduce landfill stress will also set the example. Include your child in these activities, giving him the "fun" jobs. These are just a few of the many things you can do that will go a long way to creating children who will lead us out of this crisis of natural resources.

Sometimes I wish I could go back and redo parts of my child-rearing years. Since that's not possible, I've vowed to focus on trying to make up for my former sins, and doing what I can to contribute to progress. My message to my grown kids and to all of you is:

  • Start your own children off right with organic foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Assure that your infants only come in contact with organic skin care products, clothing, sheets and toys--the ones that they handle and put in their mouths. These first years are so important to their bodies' and brains' development. At this most important stage of their development, there is nothing more effective that you can do to preserve their future health from the many toxins in our world.
  • In all that you do, be mindful of what your children see in your actions. Set the example for what you want them to do or be.

Looking for organic baby products? Check out Amazon's selection by using the search below. I hope to see you Thursday when I'll be sharing some tips on building a support system for helping your kids to live greener. Join me then.

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