Friday, February 27, 2009

Making Organic Baby Food: It's Child's Play

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Juicing Fruits for Baby Food is Quick and Easy

Saves Money, too!

I was appalled, recently, when I happened to notice the price of a jar of organic baby food. It's highway robbery what some of the companies are charging for a few tablespoons of applesauce or green beans.

Right then and there I made a note (in my little green notebook!) to prepare a post on making baby food at home with your organic foods. After all, if you are already cooking organic green beans or applesauce or chicken, why not save a little aside and prepare some baby food for tomorrow's dinner or the freezer.

Do you have a blender, food processor or juicer? That's all it takes. Any of the 3 will do the trick. Here are the steps I have followed in the past. Go for it:

Meats and Vegetables:
  • Cook the meats and vegetables well, with plenty of liquids to keep them moist.
  • Place individually in a blender or food processor, while still somewhat warm, and blend thoroughly till consistency is even.
  • For the easiest way to freeze serving-sized amounts for babies, I used ice cube trays. When frozen, pop the chunks out and store in containers that are labeled (green beans, chicken, etc.) You can thaw and feed the amount you need easily this way.
  • When juicing fruits for baby food, I advise not using the juicing strainer, but using the solid piece instead, thereby maintaining all the juice in the fruit blend.
  • Peel fruit and remove seeds.
  • Juice the ripest of your fruit options. Bananas, apples, plums and pears are the most common, and all quite easy to do.
  • To assure easy digestion, transfer the resulting fruit mixture into a casserole dish to cook in the microwave.
  • The length of time will depend on how much you're cooking, so judge accordingly. Cook on High for most fruits. Check every minute for texture and tenderness.
  • When done, follow the same procedure outlined above with the ice cube trays.

If you cook a little of your leftovers every week or two, you'll have all you need for the baby, and no extra expense. Watch out , Gerber!

If the applesauce smells so good, you want some for yourself, check out my recipe for Homemade Organic Apple Sauce.

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