Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let's Get Cooking: Organic Recipe Sites Galore

© photo credit Eden Organic Foods Site

Sure, you can use most of your traditional recipes to make organic dishes simply by substituting organic ingredients. The trick is often in choosing the appropriate organic substitution. Sometimes it is simply a brand that mimics the flavor you like, or occasionally a change in ingredients will give you the texture or flavor you're looking for. That's when you want to look up a recipe on an organic site.

Cookbooks are great. I love the feel of a book and its portability. But they are expensive, and I'm all about saving money right now. I'm sure many of you are too. So, I've done some poking around out there and made a list of a bunch of sites. I'd love to hear back from some of you on your favorite recipes. I'll keep you posted on some of mine, as well. Valentines' Day is coming up and I'll be cooking up a few goodies for your sweetheart. Meanwhile, you can pick out some things to try in the following:

Organic Authority:

This site has thousands of recipes at dozens of sites, each classified onto one page for easy reference. There is a large selection of ethnic foods here--amazing!

Eden Organic Foods

The strength of this site is it browsing function. Pick a course, a type of cuisine, a special diet, or even certain ingredients that you would like to search for, and their site will take you to recipes that meet your criteria. A very useful tool, indeed.

Whole Foods Market

I hope this store appreciates how much free advertising I give them. Their recipe section is also extensive, and the good news is you won't have to chase all over town to find the ingredients. Obviously, they include ingredients sold in their stores. This could be a real time saver.

These few links could probably keep you cooking for months. I have to point out though, that two days ago I posted some videos of organic cooking that are wonderful. Scroll down to Better Living with Laura Klein and enjoy her wonderful first recipe (2 videos) of Roasted Organic Chicken and Potatoes.

My Woofing Wednesday post will provide a little insight on adopting a new member of your family, by recycling. Of course, pet adoption is much like recycling. One family gives up the pet and another takes it over. That's recycling in my book. Thursday I've got a great new way to stop all those unnecessary phone books that keep showing up at your door. I could fill 2 bookshelves with all the phone books that have come to my home in just the past few years. What a waste of paper and trees. See you then.

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Twisted Limb said...

I'm passing these sites along to the others here at Twisted Limb--plenty of healthful, inventive cooks here who love new ideas!

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