Monday, February 9, 2009

Keeping Up With the Begleys: A Book Review

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My Copy of Begley's Book
A Well-Used Resource

In my 2/2/09 post, Should We Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses? I admitted that I, too, am striving to follow a peer group. They're green and Eco-conscious, worry about things like toxins and eat really well. No, they aren't green Martians; they are the Begleys--Ed and Rachelle. Although I align myself with Ed's ideologies, I am nowhere near the green living expert that he is. I suppose I appear to have a bit more of Rachelle's attitude, in that I want to live life as green as possible, yet with a conscience and some style.

Ed Begley, Jr.'s book, Living Like Ed: A Guide to the Eco-Friendly Life, is an interesting combination of a guy driven to live totally green with an aesthetics-conscious wife holding his foot on the brake. Their back and forth viewpoints on each topic are an excellent example of how many couples trying to live the Eco life can coexist and compromise to make every issue work better.

From common sense confirmation of tips you may have heard to pouring thousands of dollars into a fully-solar home, Ed reviews every angle of living green to share with you what works and what does not. He is clear, also, on what may work, but at a price that may not be worth the payoff. Most importantly and timely, Begley's book indicates clearly how much money you can save, or expect to spend, on each option he discusses.

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Begley, a well-known Hollywood actor, has been living a totally green lifestyle since about 1970, long before it was considered popular. His dedication to research and testing of new technologies and willingness to make make tough decisions to pursue his dedication to a healthier Earth have made him one of the most committed environmentalists of our time.

With all the book options out there for an Eco-conscious reader to choose from, this one could easily have slipped into the "Dummies" series, as Begley smoothly explains each concept and guides you to a simple decision. An easy read, it clearly helps you to move in the right direction--keeping it green. It's a bargain in paperback at under $15.00 (at Amazon) retail.

I'll return sometime in March with some tips from Begley's book on Thursday's Green Tip Toe: Your Organic Journey Online guide to 10-minute green living changes to make in your life. Join me tomorrow for some valentine card ideas made out of recycled materials. Ed will be proud of us!

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