Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Woofing Wednesday Says See Spot Recycle

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

No. I didn't come up with that title on my own. Someone named Mel from Plenty Magazine wrote an article that I tuned me in to this new product. The way Tanner goes through pool toys, I'm definitely going to be watching out for this.

Plastic chew toys are a personal favorite of my Golden Retriever, Tanner, including the floating ones he fetches from the pool. He takes his daily Fetch game very serious. So serious that he destroys the toys--about one a month.

One pet toy manufacturer knows all too well the impact on the environment that this can have. West Paw Design, a Montana-based pet toy company, has been using recycled plastics in their toys, and is now planning a bigger fix. They have developed a rubber-like material called Zogoflex that is designed to be recyclable. Broken remainders of damaged toys can be returned to West Paw, where they will be remade into new toys. My first thought at this was, "Great! Not so many destroyed dog toys going to the landfill." But it turns out that there is more to it.

West Paw is offering to replace (once) your damaged toy with another, or a cash refund, free of charge, except shipping! Tanner and I are in! We'll order a couple of these toys and see what we think. Can Zogoflex out-perform Kong? Tanner was able to eat a Kong without any problem, even as a puppy. I'll report back later.

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