Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Wisdom from Green Kids

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have been talking with some first graders who wrote a book called Our Class is Going Green. These children want to take care of our Earth. I wrote a post, Kids Going Green, about their book. Their whole class wrote comments to me, many with questions. Some of the children had some very cool ideas. Today, I will share these with you.

Reed, Jaden, Baylee and Trey W. all had terrific ideas about respecting other's things, taking action to keep things clean, and setting an example by cleaning up after others. Many children do not clean up after themselves, but these kids are willing to clean up after others. They are model citizens and I am sure their parents and teachers are very proud of them.
Jayden likes to pick up trash on the playground. Baylee will clean up other people's messes. Trey W. says we should be careful to respect things that aren't ours. Respect is very important.

I was especially moved by Reed's comment about keeping his room clean. He said it reminds him to take care of the Earth. What a profound statement from a 7 year old. We adults can learn a lot from these children. Yesterday I commented on Trey G.'s recycling project, and on Thursday, January 22 I will be wrapping up my answers to these children. Their comments about saving water and electricity will make good green tips.
Tomorrow I'll have some ideas on finding local organic food. If you need resources, join me for a quick primer on locating healthier choices. Have a great weekend.

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