Thursday, January 1, 2009

Green Kids Have Lots of Questions

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Today is Thursday, and it is time for my Thursday Green Tip Toe. I had some help from a class of first graders this week. After I wrote my post, Kids Going Green!, I was thrilled to hear from these young authors of Our Class is Going Green, whose book about saving the planet was published by Scholastic. These delightful children sent me questions, ideas and comments. Today I will answer a couple of their questions. Next week I'll be back with more, and so on until I get to all of them.
Before I start, I'd like to say that the future of planet Earth is in very good hands, if these children are to be the leaders of the future. They are wonderful examples of how our kids often take on responsibilities naturally, that we, as adults, cannot figure out. You can read my post about their book and click the COMMENT link to read their comments. These are some very dedicated children. They won a nationwide contest to get their book published. I know their teachers and parents are very proud of them. I certainly am.
One of the authors, Chaz, sent a comment asking how I save gas, and Robby, another writer, asked how I use my car so that it is Earth friendly. Here are some things I do:
  • I get regular auto maintenance like oil changes. This helps to make sure my car is running clean. It helps with pollution.

  • I also try to drive as little as possible. One way is by walking to nearby places--friends' houses and nearby shops.
  • I group my errands by location. This helps me to do less driving.
  • Sometimes my kids run errands for me when they will be near a place I need to go. This saves gas also.

  • I have 3 dogs that love to walk, and so do I. We walk to the Post Office, nearby restaurants, and a few shops where dogs are welcome. All this walking is very good for both me and the dogs. That is us in the picture at the top of this post. Their names are Xena (black), Tanner (large blonde), and Oliver (the small one).

  • Here is an idea that will keep you busy. When you buy products that were made nearby, or in your own state, it takes less gas to bring the product to the store. Shopping for products that were made nearby will save lots of gas. Think about that when you shop with your family. Read the packages together, and learn where the product was made. It has been fun for me to learn where my products are made. You could even try tracking them on a map. That could be a fun classroom project.

What do you and your families do to save gas and be more Earth friendly? Do you like to walk with your dogs?

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