Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Operation Christmas Turkey Roast

It's Woofing Wednesday, and as usual I'm including a pup photo. This is my day to share the antics of my furry family, and along with it a website that offers lot of info on something useful to those of us who are trying to live more green or cook and eat organic. Today's photo is not one of my own, but another yellow lab. The photo is appropriately captioned for Christmas Eve, so I couldn't resist using it.

It's Christmas Eve and I'm busy making last minute preparations for the big day. Below I'll include some links from my Thanksgiving Turkey preparation, as well as another great website for you to get answers to any remaining turkey questions. This other website doesn't necessarily focus on organic, but certainly has a lot of information on various cooking methods, etc. If you're looking for details, this is this place.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I am taking the time to write an essay for Christmas Day. If you get a chance, pop in and read it. Comments are welcome, as always. I hope to see you after Christmas for a brief discussion on New Year's Resolutions. Have a great holiday.

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