Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Christmas Decorations on the Cheap

Happy Birthday, Alan!

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Getting tired of your same old decorations year after year? Sometimes I feel that way. This past year I've developed a list of a few ideas for revamping things without spending much. Perhaps one or more of these ideas will work for you. Check it out:

Thanks to Darrel and Pam for providing the first Christmas card of the season. I used it to make these 3 paper ornaments, joined by 2 of my Christmas tree creations. I had a lot of help with these from the squirrel. I'll tell you about that below.

  • Have a Christmas Decoration Exchange party. You know the drill. Everyone comes with one or more decorations that they are willing to part with. All decorations are displayed while everyone enjoys some holiday refreshments. When everyone leaves, they may take one decoration with them for each one they brought. No fighting, ladies!
  • Catch a sale on some brightly printed Christmas cotton fabric. Cut it into strips and tie bows all over your tree, instead of using your ornaments. These are also great to decorate table-top trees that require smaller decorations.
  • This list wouldn't be complete without the old favorite--popcorn strings. They look great on a Christmas tree.
  • Children love to make paper chains, and this could be their opportunity to get involved in your decoration makeover. You can use gift wrap or construction paper--whatever you have available in the colors of your choice. Cut strips and give the kids a glue stick. In no time, they'll have that tree wrapped in chains, and they'll be so proud to have done it.
  • I once visited a friend whose annual tree decor was quite simple. They attached gold cord (any ribbon or cord will do) to the top left and right of each Christmas card received. These actually made quite lovely and unique tree decorations. One modification of this idea might be to cut out the photo or picture on the front of the card, making each ornament a different shape.
  • Remember those Christmas trees we made out of phone books when we were kids? Allow me to refresh your memory, as they haven't made an appearance in a few years. Take last year's phone book and fold every (yup, no getting around this!) page in it so that the top lines up with the spine. When done, you'll have a 3-dimensional tree-shaped phone book. Tape the cover pages together to hold it open. Now you can spray paint it and add glitter or sequins--whatever you can attach. These trees make a nice table decoration. Top with an origami star, if you like.
  • Are your squirrels busy preparing for Winter? Mine drop the cores of the pine cones they have eaten, and they look just like little Christmas trees. I spray paint them and then add glitter or fabric paint "lights", tying a loop on top. They make wonderful Christmas tree ornaments and package decorations.

This ought to get you started. Got some ideas you are willing to share. Hit that COMMENT button and give me a shout.

Tomorrow I'll be cooking up my version of Bruschetta for a holiday appetizer. Join me for my recipe as I get cooking for the holidays. Next week will be food, food, and more food.

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Roxanne said...

I have made gift tags with used Xmas cards and wrap(or any kind of cards and wrap). Thanks for the idea to use them as ornaments - how much fun! Now I will have hanging things all over my house all year.

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