Thursday, December 25, 2008

Live and Let Live

© photo copyright Save the Children, copied from wrapping paper

I have to admit that I really hate politics. Is there a genuine politician out there anywhere? Probably, but I am not sure how to recognize one, so that complicates things. I am glad that the Presidential election is over, and hopeful that our new President will be able to begin to move us toward prosperity again.

So, why am I writing today? Christmas Day, such a significant holiday for much of the world, is supposed to be all about peace and harmony. Politics is all about conflict, and I suppose that is why I hate it. I am a live and let live sort of person. I respect your beliefs, values and opinions, and in turn hope that you will respect mine. I'll admit I may not always be right (ask my kids!), but my heart is in the right place.

We are all different. Watch any Jerry Springer show, or one of the TV judge shows and you'll quickly see how different we all are. Yet if you look deep into almost anyone's soul, there is always something redeeming lingering there. Give everyone a chance to earn your respect, if only for one small part of who they are. That's enough to start. We all need to give each other a chance to live and let live. Respect--this will bring harmony to the world. Merry Christmas to you and your families.

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