Friday, December 5, 2008

Creating Labels for Homemade Organic Food Gifts

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These are the gifts that work for everyone--children and adults alike. Give them a bag or box of cookies, fudge or other goodies and most anyone will be happy. The extra time and love you put into the packaging makes the gift look festive, as well as being tasty.
Labeling your gift should answer lots of questions:
  • What is it?
  • What's in it?
  • Who made it?
  • What can I do with it?
  • How should I store it?

Obviously, all of these questions won't apply to every food gift, but some will need to be identified as "Please Refrigerate" or "Contains Nuts".

In addition to making Organic Kahlua this year, I'll be baking some of my favorites to give to friends and family. Kahlua is one that definitely needs a little extra info. Lots of people have never tried it and don't know how to serve it. Sure, you can drink it straight, but that's not the usual method, and could turn out badly. So, my label, shown above, gives a few tips on using Kahlua.

Most packages of sticker labels give instructions for formatting your labels, or if you have a graphics program, the formatting is built right in. Just select the sticker and manufacturer information and off you go. This label above took me about 5 minutes to create, for 20 bottles of Kahlua. Print and stick. It's done.

Sticker labels are great for hard surfaces like bottles, aluminum tins, boxes and paper bags. If you are using cotton bags to deliver your gifts, like I will be for my organic breads, try this. Leave your sticker label on the backing and cut it out. Using a hole puncher, put a hole in one corner and tie a ribbon to your cloth bag, attaching the label. Another option is to peel back the sticker enough to put the ribbon between the backing and the sticker, then re-stick them to hold onto the ribbon. Viola'!

Short on bows? Try curling ribbon, yarn or my personal favorite--2-3 leftover Halloween lollipops with their sticks crossed, taped together and then tied on with anything handly--even string looks cute with colorful lollipops in tow. This makes an adorable and eatable package decoration. Candy canes also work great. I was pleased to find an organic version of these traditional treats at Whole Foods last weekend. Use your imagination and have fun wrapping your creations.

Check back on Thursday, December 11, when I will be wrapping my wine and Kahlua gifts in an inexpensive new Dollar Store creation. $1 for a unique and reusable wrap that is also fun to WEAR! See you then.

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