Friday, November 7, 2008

So Many Greens to Wash and Store...So Few Paper Towels

© copyright Carrie Boyko

For years I washed my lettuces and other greens (basil is pictured here), laying them out on layers of paper towels and then rolling them up to store in the refrigerator, when dry. The paper towel helps to absorb excess moisture to avoid early spoilage. Brilliant idea, but very wasteful of paper towels.

© copyright Carrie Boyko

Pictured above is a more informed choice. I use reusable cotton kitchen towels, not the terrycloth type, just cotton. They actually do a better job, and plastic bags or wrap over the cloth is not required. I just roll up the greens in the cloth and then secure the ends with rubber bands. Yeah, I know. Rubber bands probably aren't terribly green. On the flip side, they are reusable; I keep a ball of them, which I continuously use and replace on the ball. I will probably never have to buy another ball of rubber bands. You can also keep those that come on other products to reduce your need to purchase them. Keep the mantra in the back of your head: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

© copyright Carrie Boyko

I'll add one more: Rejoice in your success at practicing the first three. Good luck.
Next week I'll be hitting the Thanksgiving dinner preparations hot and heavy, continuing throughout the month. I'll include my all-organic menu and a shopping list on Tuesday, lots of recipes throughout November, and a few surprises here and there. Monday's shot gun start will be Organic Banana Bread/Muffins, one of my personal favorites. What's great about this recipe is that it is a wonderful bread to serve with Thanksgiving dinner, but also makes a terrific breakfast supplement or an anytime snack. Finally, they're great in your kids' lunch box, wrapped in nothing but a paper towel--no plastic bags required. Yeah! Have a great weekend.

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