Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Co-Op America Changing Name to Green America

Our Trick or Treat evening wore Oliver out. After a quick nap, we changed him out of his Halloween bandanna into his new Tree Hugger shirt, but he still wanted to sleep. So much excitement in one night is too much for the little guy.

© copyright Carrie Boyko

© copyright Carrie Boyko

This Wednesday's website offering is an old favorite of mine, which will soon be changing its name. I have a dog-eared (no pun intended) copy of the 2008 National Green Pages, published by Co-op America , which is a wonderful resource for finding green and organic products. The National Green Pages annual publication lists thousands of eco-friendly, socially responsible products and services, with contact information. I also enjoy their mini sidebars of green information. In 2009, Co-op America will be changing their name to Green America, a fitting tribute to a big trend. For now, use the Co-op America link to find them at their current web page address. Enjoy the tour; it is worth some time to check it out.

Tomorrow is Thursday's Green Tip Toe. I will be sharing information on some recycled tableware and dish options. Some are even compostable. If you are having a large group for Thanksgiving, and using your dishes is not an option, first consider having family members bring extras. If that too is a problem, please choose recycled or recyclable and compostable products. Check in tomorrow for some suggestions. Hope to see you then.

Something New: Here Comes Busy Mom's Tips

Here's a last minute surprise, a little bonus. I've put together five short essays on The Benefits of Eating Organic. Today, on Busy Mom's Tips, the first will appear for subscribers. If you are a busy mom, this is a great resource. Each day, you'll receive a tip or two (possibly more) in your e-mail, once you subscribe. It's free and the tips are a nice variety of all things relative to being a busy mom. I joined this group a while back and have been enjoying the daily quick tips that await me each morning. Click the link above to visit the home page and read about the group.

If you're not up to receiving daily tips, you can catch my Benefits of Eating Organic at the Busy Mom's Blog on Thursday, and anytime after that. Enjoy!

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