Friday, November 21, 2008

My Most Popular Posts

A few people have asked me about my most popular topics. My blogging software provider, Google, has another program that keeps tabs on this for me, so today I'll answer that question. My analytics program is a wealth of information on the performance of my blog, including graphs and pie charts telling me about things like number of visitors and how they come upon my blog. It's helpful stuff, even if I'm still stumbling through using it. I can quickly check my list of most popular posts and tell you that these are the top ten:

Thursday's Green Tip Toe ( My personal favorite!)
Composting 101: Part II (Locating and Setting up a Site for a Compost Pile)
Today I have a guest posting on another blog, Busy Moms Recipes, where I give the second of my top 5 reasons for eating organic. Besides reading my post, you'll find other interesting topics of use to all busy moms, and a wonderful recipe site that you can search. Have fun exploring this great site.

Next time I talk about favorites, I think I'll list my favorites and see what you have to say. For now, I've linked all the titles, so you can check out the ones that float your boat. After you do, I'd love to hear from you. Are there some topics that you'd like to hear more about? What are they? I'm all about green and organic, so you pick the subtopic and I'll try to learn something about it and pass it along. My COMMENT link follows each post. It is purple. Click. Talk to me.

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