Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy Moms' Tips Helps You Hold It All Together

© copyright Carrie Boyko

That 2 mile morning run wore these guys out. But after their nap, they are ready:

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

My live-at-home kids, two pictured here, are all furry. Despite my other kids all being grown, I still have 2 in college, whose lives almost daily require, um, I'll call it facilitation. Yeah, that's a pretty good word for it.
Now I've met my match, well sort of. A friend of a friend introduced me to another busy mom, and I've found that I'm not alone. Not only does this lady work as a freelance writer, she also maintains 3 sites that cater to busy moms. If you consider yourself part of that group, I'd love to steer you in her direction. Your choices are:
Busy Moms' Tips -- These are short daily e-mails with quick ideas, all geared to help moms.
Busy Moms' Recipes -- This website contains tons of recipes-- whatever your heart desires.
Busy Moms' Blog -- You can access the recipe blog via the recipe site, or through this link.
If you're on my site because you're dedicated to eating organic, well, you know as well as I do that conversion is not rocket science. You can take most any recipe and turn it into an organic one in a jiffy. I've found substitutions for most everything in a traditional grocery store--thank goodness! Join me tomorrow for spicy organic sweet potatoes and next Tuesday (11/25) for and organic cranberry gelatin mold. This is my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish, so don't miss it.

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