Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Woofing Wednesday: Ready for Howl-oween

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

Can you tell Tanner likes his profile? I know I used him yesterday, but today I got Oliver in on the action. Still no Xena. She's embarrassed to be dressed like Pamela Sue Anderson, so you'll just have to wait on her. Sorry.

One other site where I picked up a great idea was Tree Hugging Family. Among other ideas, I particularly like the idea of giving out modeling clay. Kids always enjoy the fun of creating interesting things out of clay. Keep it in a Ziplock baggie (I know; they're not green, but they work well to keep the clay soft) and they make a great backseat toy to keep your tots occupied while carpooling, etc. I'm sure you'll find some other ideas there, too, so stop on by.

After a break from Halloween tomorrow, I'll talk about Taming the Candy Monster on Friday: How to get some or all of that traditional junk out of your kids hands--happily. Come join me for some great ploys to negotiate with your kids for their goodies. Hope to see you then.

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