Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woofing Wednesday Goes to Earth 911

© photo copyright Carrie Boyko

How can you resist this darling little fella? He had his first birthday last week and got a doggie ice cream sandwich from Ashley. Oooh! That was yummy.

This week my project was to find out where to recycle CFL's (the new compact fluorescent light bulbs). Although they last for years, I do have one that was dropped and is dead. I've been aware for some time that because they have a small amount of Mercury, they cannot just be tossed in the dump. My first stop was Google, and then I hit Earth 911. There are plenty of options, with Home Depot appearing to be the most widely available. They get an "Atta Boy" from me and Oliver.

Earth 911 was a fun sight to investigate. You can find out how to recycle just about anything there. It has a search function where you type in the item and your zip code, and it gives you the name and information on recycling. The site also has a blog with a minimal number of posts. I suppose this will grow with time. I don't know how long the site has been in existence, but the site itself is great. Check it out. You're bound to learn something that will help you live more green.

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Anonymous said...

The add is great. You should definitely move it though so its not between your banner and first post of the day. That way the site looks cleaner and there isn't that gap. Also, you should see if you can make the "Psted by Carrie J. Boyko at...." and comments part at the bottom of every post bigger, and the links for "labels" should not be blue because they are so hard to read, even for me. Great job!

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