Friday, October 31, 2008

Taming the Candy Monster

Your best option to controlling the goodies your child gets on Halloween is to let your child have a Halloween party. You control all the food and beverages and can make up for any deficits with really cool games, decorations and lots of friends to make it fun.

Prizes for the games are abundant. A few ideas, many from Green Halloween, are:

Adhesive bandages with Halloween themes


Coins from other countries


Sidewalk chalk (orange and black, if available)



Spinning tops

Halloween themed pencils, preferably made of recycled plastic or money

Polished rocks, skipping stones

Mini pumpkins

Shaped soaps

Halloween stickers

Temporary tattoos, Halloween themes

Unfinished wood items to be painted or decorated

Trick or Treat bags to be decorated, including package of miscellaneous decorations


Worry dolls

Cool tricks for Kids cards (1 per child)

Art projects for kids (1 card of instructions per child)

Brain tickling activities for kids (1 card/activity per child)

3-D cat cards

3-D dog cards

Halloween coloring pages



Friendship bracelet kits


Seeds for flowers

Door hangers to color

Shoe laces in Halloween colors

Halloween buttons

If having a party isn't an option for you, there are other solutions--good ones. From trades to buy outs, there are many ways to limit how much of those goodies get into your kid. I outlined some on my Tuesday post entitled The Mother of All Halloween Sites. Thanks to Green Halloween for some of the ideas, incorporated with my own.

Meanwhile, if you still need a treat bag, and don't have time to help your child make one, check out your local natural foods store for the Chicobag Halloween bag. All year, this will be a great reusable shopping bag for you or a great tote for your child. What's more, Chicobag will take it back and recycle it when it does "give out." Happy HalloGreen!

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